Women's History

Meet some of history’s most extraordinary women with these inspiring magazines for ages 9-14!  Come face to face with powerful monarchs and rulers from Ancient Egypt to England—or the brave revolutionary women who stood up to those in power! Discover the important work of the ‘suffragettes’ like Elizabeth Cady Stanton who campaigned for the right to vote, and meet forgotten 19th-century activists, abolitionists, astronomers, and more. Throughout history, women have proved that they could do any job that men could, from aviator Amelia Earhardt to doctor Elizabeth Blackwell to journalist Ida Tarbell. Join activists Mary McLeod Bethune and Helen Keller who championed the power of education for all people and learn about the role that women played during the World Wars. These magazines will educate young readers about some of the little-known heroines of history and introduce them to empowering role models!

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