Native Americans

Explore our collection of magazines about Native American and indigenous culture, past and present! Learn about powwow traditions, discover the history of lacrosse, make American Indian tacos, and enjoy a Mohawk folktale. Ask a student about the first war fought in North America and you’re likely to hear “The American Revolution.” But how much do you know about the earlier conflicts known as “King Philip’s War” and the “French and Indian War?” Meet historic leaders from Metacomet to Spotted Elk and find out how modern-day Haudenosaunee people keep their cultures alive. Visit a prehistoric city at the Spiro archaeological site and discover how archaeologists study history through artifacts—and learn a traditional game while you’re at it! If you’re hungry after all of this time travel, sit down for a meal and learn how the Ancient Maya influenced some of our favorite foods—from tamales to chocolate!

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