Ancient Egypt

Dig into the mysteries of the past with magazines that are all about Ancient Egypt! Few ancient civilizations fascinate young minds like the “Two Lands” along the Nile. Meet powerful pharaohs like Ramses III, Amenmeses, King Tut, Akhenaten, and Hatshepsut; discover what lies behind the wrappings of a mummy; and join real archaeologists in excavating historic tombs and pyramids! Uncover the Ancient Egyptian way of life, deciphering hieroglyphics and learning about Gods like Osiris and Anubis, or take a journey along the Nile from past to present. Step into the Valley of the Kings and peruse ancient jewelry and treasure and watch out for crocodiles in Faiyum! Although DIG and CALLIOPE Magazines are no longer in print,  these back issues are perfect for any budding Egyptologist—or as a classroom resource!

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