They say that dogs are kids’ best friend, but how much do you really know about your fuzzy friends? These award-winning children’s magazines for preschoolers through preteens explore the hidden world of canines in fascinating detail. Find out how working dogs have helped humans for thousands of years, discover how dogs’ senses work (hint: your dog’s nose has over 300 million scent sensors), and delve into what dogs are really thinking about. It’s incredible to think that dogs as different as Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, poodles,  and St. Bernards are all members of the same species! Meet friendly new pups from all around the world, enjoy myths and legends featuring dogs, and see how different breeds adapt for swimming, running hunting, and even fighting crime! Finally, settle in with your own pooch for delightful stories and poems all about everyone’s favorite pet! You’ll want to fetch these magazines from the shelves again and again!

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