Science & Discovery

Cricket Media’s STEAM magazines (that’s science, technology, engineering, arts, and math!) have the answers to all of your kids’ questions about life, the universe, and… talking to dolphins? CLICK, ASK, and MUSE magazines encourage curious young scientists to explore astronomy, geology, zoology, chemistry, architecture, music, and more, presenting the latest scientific discoveries in a kid-friendly, humorous articles and stories.

CLICK explores topics that preschoolers ages 3-6 will love, from dinosaurs to trucks to the ocean. ASK encourages elementary Einsteins ages 6-9 to find out the how and why of the world around them, while MUSE introduces tweens ages 9-14 to the exciting possibilities of STEM, all with quirky charm and plenty of hot pink bunnies. Award-winning and ad-free, with articles contributed by experts in their fields, CLICK, ASK, and MUSE are perfect for inquisitive kids.

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