Fact or Fiction?

Hoaxes, urban legends, folktales, myths… whatever you want to call them, some things blur the line between fact and fiction. This collection of magazine issues for readers ages 9-14 explores some of the most mysterious elements of our world. Recreating the past isn’t easy. We can’t always be sure which historical accounts we can trust or separate truth from legend. Explore semi-mythical figures from history like Yu the Great, Liang Hongyu, Egypt’s Ramses III, and the epic figures depicted in Homer’s Iliad. Travel around the world in 800 CE and enjoy classic tales from around the world. Learn about legends surrounding ghosts, fire, and more from a variety of cultures, then dive into a study on the science of dreams. Feeling confused yet? See if MUSE Magazine can fool your senses with an issue on illusions and deceptions. The truth may not always be absolute, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn what we do know!

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