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You don’t have to be an adult to appreciate the most cutting-edge discoveries in modern science. Future engineers, inventors, biologists, and other curious kids ages 9-14 will delight in MUSE magazine’s unabashedly off-the-wall articles! With quirky humor, enthralling articles, and striking photos and cartoons, MUSE has something for everyone. Explore topics ranging from zombies to AI to the science of dreams to the history of ghost-hunting. How are crop circles formed? How does Bitcoin work? Can animals have autism?

Try hands-on experiments, spot the fake news articles, participate in Citizen Science, and follow the time-warping comic adventures at Parallel U! Meet real scientists in every field, explore the wonder of math in Ivars Peterson’s monthly column, and avoid the hot pink bunnies that infest the fan mail page! Since 1997, MUSE has provided the highest quality STEAM (that’s science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) content for kids who love to learn.

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