Recycling's Moment of Truth

MUSE September 2019. Plastic’s piling up, and the way the world recycles is changing. Discover creative solutions—and try an upcycling project.

MUSE September 2019

Global warming has been in the news frequently as of late, and it hasn’t been good news. Now, more than ever, we need to educate our kids on the importance of environmental awareness and responsibility—but, as always, we need to do it in a conscientious and sensitive manner.

This edition of MUSE Magazine does just that. Presenting a balanced view of the state of the world, the fears we are facing, and the global ramifications of each decision we make, you and your kids will get a view of the current and future state of our environment. Plus, you can meet real-life recycling heroes who are paving the way with innovative ideas to help turn trash into treasure. From picking up everyday tips to reducing your waste to seeing how technology is advancing to make things better for everyone.


Enjoy features including:


  • From Trash to Tunes by Sonja Cole1
  • Re-Imagining Birthday Parties by Laura Lind
  • Is 3D Printing Eco-Friendly? by Tina Lebrun
  • How Everyday Stuff Turns into Microplastics by Stephen Chastain
  • Plastic Pileup by Tracy Vonder Brink


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