The Science of Fear


MUSE Magazine October 2021. Feeling spooked about Halloween? Find out why we get scared, and why it’s sometimes a good thing—then learn some tricks for sharing your own spine-chilling story with friends!

Halloween season is here, so MUSE Magazine is digging into the science of fear! Learn how fear has helped keep humans alive for centuries, what science can do to help us quell our fears and learn about the many ways fear manifests itself in our bodies.


The instinct of fear has been ingrained in our subconscious since the beginning of our existence and if it wasn’t for this, well, scary feeling, we may have disappeared long ago. See how fear triggers our instinct to freeze, fight, or flee—which has kept us alive against predators. Also learn about what science is doing to dispel our fears, take a deep look at how hypnosis might help people with debilitating fears, and learn how our bodies react when we are scared.


Enjoy features including:

·         A Squirm of Worms by Rebecca Elie

·         Freeze, Fight, Flee

·         The Fright Stuff by Jude Isabella

·         Giving Fear the Flick by Allison Jarman

·         Chills and Thrills by Jessica Renslow

·         No Fear by Kathryn Hulick

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