Lost and Found


MUSE Magazine April 2022.  Find out about a powerful new laser tool uncovering ancient Maya structures, and the Sahara Desert’s past as a seaway! Meet the biologist who discovered some crickets had lost their chirp, and a leader of the global Search for Lost Species campaign. Learn about a startling medical condition in which people are lost every day of their lives, and the significant role emotion plays in memory.

Not everything lost can be found and this edition of MUSE Magazine explores the concepts of thing that have been lost but also, things that we’ve found.


New structures have been found in a lost world as you’ll learn in this eye-opening article about how technology has unearthed ancient Maya buildings. Technology is also helping recreate the lost circumstances of the Sahara Desert—when it was covered with water! You’ll also explore the lost—and very strange—creatures of our prehistoric world as well as get the latest news about our search for species we thought were lost forever. And then we’ll move into our own brains—looking at how and why we lose memories and some cognitive disorders that can result in memories that are lost for good.


Enjoy features including:

·         Laser Beams Discover a Lost World by Rachel Kehoe

·         When the Sahara Was a Seaway by Devin A. Reese

·         From the Pleistocene by Charles C. Hofer

·         Unforgettable by R. Douglas Field

·         Lost Every Day by Aaron Milla

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