The Civil War Era (Volume One): A House Divided

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Volume One focuses on the origins and first years of the U.S. Civil War.
Volume One of this two-book special series is edited by Harold Holzer and includes a special forward written by Ken Burns. Discover America before the war, including Native American cultures and the African American experience. Read about the great battles of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln, the "Savior of the Union Original stories, combined with articles previously published in COBBLESTONE magazine; map; index; time line; resources; primary documents; and historic black-and-white photographs.

  • Chapter 1: American Before the War
  • Chapter 2: American Landmarks
  • Chapter 3: Slavery and the African American Experience
  • Chapter 4: The American Mind: Education, Religion, and Philosophy
  • Chapter 5: American Transformed: Science, Exploration, and Transportation
  • Chapter 6: The Gathering Storm: American on the Brink of War
  • Chapter 7: Brother Against Brother: the Great Battles of the War
  • Chapter 8: The Savior of the Union
Softcover. 296 glossy pages.

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