SPIDER Magazine July-August 2022


Chores get in the way of building robots, exploring jungles, and jumping on the bed. But messy imaginary monkeys and spilled sequins really wreck a room. Luckily, elephants are excellent at spraying things clean, and real monkeys can learn to wash off their treats.

SPIDER Magazine is taking you halfway around the world to discover some fun and unusual summertime celebrations and meet some unique monkeys. Plus, find some fun alternatives to doing your chores—although we recommend you still do your chores, right Mom?


Esala Perahera is a seasonal tradition from Sri Lanka involving parades dancing, and elephants wearing elaborate costumes. Learn more about this summer celebration and enjoy a stupendous story about a family who makes the elephant’s clothes. And then learn how to make your own elephant – elaborate costume is optional. Commiserate with some friends about the chore of doing chores and see how your imagination can help make them more fun. Then travel back in time and around the world to Japan hear the story of some special snow monkeys – and get fantastic recipe that would make any chimp chomp happily.


Enjoy features including:

·         Thunder at the Lake by Sam Rennocks

·         One Sticky Elephant by Stacey Lane

·         The Golden Sequin by Janice Milusich

·         Esala Perahera: A Sacred Summer Celebration by Hayley Kim

·         Fabulous Facts: Sequin Surprises by Emily Cambias

·         I Cannot Make My Bed Today by Lucinda Lombardo

·         Outsmarting the Saturday Similes by Joel Stetler

·         Jumping on the Bed by Nadine Cranenburgh

·         What Should You Do Instead of Your Chores? by Tori Telfer

·         Imo Tries Something New by Ann McLain


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