MUSE Magazine September 2023. What do scientists today know about the most complex part of the human body and how it works? Are daydreaming and forgetting actually beneficial? Hear from neuroscientist Nicho Hatsopoulos about his work to enable a person to control a computer or robot using their thoughts, and from Abigail Adams, an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities.

MUSE Magazine is usually a no-brainer… but this one is an all brainer. Focusing on the most important muscle in your mind, you’ll discover how your brain works to create thoughts, remember things, see and sense, and more. 


Your brain has around 86 billion nerve cells, which are constantly sending and receiving signals. That’s a busy brain. Get to know the basics of your brain and discover what technology is helping us accomplish when it comes to our minds. Your teachers may not love this but learn how daydreaming and doodling can be good for your brain, and see how Down syndrome can make a beautifully different type of brain. 


Enjoy features including:


·         Is Mind Reading Possible by Ben Silver

·         Decoding the Brain by Abh and Deepa Jain

·         Remember and Forget by Rebecca Rupp

·         Quit Paying Attention! By Brittany Moya del Pino

·         Beautifully Different by Melissa Hart

·         Do the Math: Man of Numbers by Ivars Peterson

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