What Is Perfection?

MUSE September 2020. Answers from a skateboarding champ and a psychologist; “perfection” in numbers, games, and more; fun activities.
MUSE September 2020

We all strive for perfection yet know it is almost impossible to achieve in every endeavor. But we also need to step back and understand what it means to be perfect—and that’s exactly what this edition of MUSE Magazine does.


Does practice make perfect? Can you create a perfect bubble? What is a perfect number? Why is some art perfect? Examining all things perfect, and quite perfectly imperfect, MUSE Magazine looks across a broad scope of ideas and topics. Get to know a professional skateboarder, a genius builder, and the amazing ammonite. Plus, what’s a more perfect way to pass the time than with a game? A whole article looking at games makes this edition of MUSE Magazine… perfection.



Enjoy features including:

  • The Art of the Golden Ratio by Rachel Kehoe
  • A Genius Builds a Dome by Peg Lopata
  • Good Gaming Game by Stuart Maine
  • Perfectly Imperfect by Donna Bozzone
  • Ammonites by Wailana Kalama


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