MUSE Magazine October 2023. How do researchers study volcanoes while staying safe, and how can they tell if one is about to erupt? Learn about Tonga’s massive underwater eruption in 2022, the case of the missing volcano, the biggest supervolcano in the United States, and the many volcanoes off Earth!

Erupting with information, this edition of MUSE is red hot. Focused on the fascinating topic of volcanos, it’s an explosion of facts and fun. 


When we picture volcanos erupting, we tend to rely on sorts of things we see in movies and TV. But there are many kinds of volcanos that are very different. For example, just last year in 2022, the world’s most violent volcanic eruption every recorded happened in the South Pacific. But it erupted under water and resulted in a new island. Learn about this eruption and many others, as well as what comes before and after a volcano is active—and how you can tell when one is active. Plus, meet the experts who track and monitor activity to stay ahead of eruptions to keep us safe.  


Enjoy features including: 

·         Tonga’s Huge Eruption by Rachel Kehoe

·         When a Volcano Screams by Bill Gourgey

·         Volcanoes off Earth by Alice Andre-Clark

·         Diamonds Found Here by Avery Elizabeth Hurt

·         Scary Limnic Eruptions by Gina Hagler

·         World changers by Nick D’Alto

·         The Curious Case of the Missing Volcano by Abha and Deepa Jain

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