Among the Stars


MUSE Magazine May-June 2022.  Ponder the scale of the universe in space and time and learn about some of its most exotic objects, including white dwarfs and neutron stars. Read about how Nobel Prize-winner Andrea Ghez discovered the supermassive black hole at our galaxy’s center and how researchers took the first photograph of a black hole. Check out the effects of gravitational lensing and hear from an Indiana Jones of space, Anna Frebel, who searches for ancient stars.

MUSE Magazine has always been out of this world, but now it’s a superstar periodical. Shining a light on starlight, this edition of MUSE Magazine is no constellation prize.


From super-telescopes to supermassive black holes to supernovas, the night sky is the star of the MUSE Magazine show. Your curious learners will love discovering how to decode starlight, define dwarfs and giants, meet the women of astronomy, and get up-close-and-personal with a very important star: our sun. Full of fascinating facts, amazing images, and some random puppies, this MUSE rates five stars easily.


Enjoy features including:

·         Supermassive by Joseph Taylor

·         How to Get a Black Hole to Say Cheese by Abha Jain and Deepa Jain

·         What Big Eyes You Have by Alice Andre-Clark

·         Rings, Arcs, Crosses, and Twins by Meg Thacher

·         Relativity: Painting the Picture by Alice Andre-Clark

·         A Closer Look: Decoding Starlight by Lisa Leinbaugh

·         Herstory Files: Star Women

·         Mini Myth: Hey! Bring Back Our Sun by Carrie Clickard

·         A Closer Look: The Darker the Skies by Meredith Flory

Regular features include Parallel U, Muse Mail, Muse News, Hands-on, Photo Op, Science @ Work, Q&A, Do the Math, Your Tech, Contest, and Last Slice.