DIG October 2018. Mighty Acropolis! Majestic Parthenon! Contests between gods! A city whose people influence the path of Western Civilization! And it’s all in this issue on Athens!

Travel to time of Themistocles! Ancient Athens influenced modern America in many ways from architecture to our administration. With this historical edition of DIG Magazine, you and your kids will visit the Greece of centuries ago to learn how the citizens lived, learned, and ruled.


Get to know the first philosophers, the steadfast soldiers, the original orators, and the grandfathers of modern government. From well-known Ancient Greeks, such as Plato, Socrates, and Alexander to lesser-known but equally impactful figures such as Herodes Atticus, Pausanias, and Cleisthenes, you’ll see the entire story of Ancient Greece play out—along with the development of many modern inventions such as the computer!


Enjoy features including:

  • The Winner Carolin Fine
  • Standing Tall by Sarah Hilker
  • A Voice for the People by John Camp
  • Rise to Power by John Haberstroh
  • A Crushing Defeat by Simone Agrimonti 
  • Speaking for Themselves by Megan Wilson 
  • At the Center of It All by John Camp
  • First Alexander, Then Sulla by Gretchen Stricker
  • A Defeat Leads to Conquest by Sarah Beal
  • Difficult Times! by Sarah Beal
  • Enter the Ottomans by A.M Genova
  • Looting the City by Jenifer Neils
  • Still a Beacon by John Haberstroh

Regular features of DIG magazine include Five Facts, Map, Fun with Words, Interestingly, The Calliope Chronicles, Fast Forward, Tales It Is, Ask Away!, This & That, Off the Shelf/ On the Net, In the Headlines, The Adventures of Dr. Dig, and Artifacts.