The Spanish-American War


COBBLESTONE Magazine January 2023. Victory in a war with Spain in 1898 introduced the United States to the global stage as a new world power.

Full steam ahead as COBBLESTONE Magazine relays the history of the Spanish-American war and a new age for naval battles. 


Start your tour of the time in 1907 to relive the events that led up to war. You’ll see how the age of expansion affected international relations, the impact Cuba’s independence had, meet the navel leaders of the time, read how the events were covered by the media at the time, and hear the story of the Maine – one of the first battleships to be built in an American shipyard. With additional features around yellow fever, the Rough Riders, and the Philippines, your young learners will get a well-rounded introduction to the world during this period. 


Enjoy features including: 

·         Cuban Independence by Elizabeth Cazden

·         America’s Steel Navy by Richard W. Peuser and Andrew Matthews

·         Remember the Maine! by Craig E. Blohm

·         The Oregon’s Race to War by Stephen Currie

·         Read All About It! by Carol Anderson and Elizabeth Howard

·         Fighting Men by Mitchell Yockelson and Andrew Matthews

·         The Attack of ‘Yellow Jack’ by Sylvia Whitman

·         The Philippines Continues the Fight by Lee Ann Potte 

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