Before the Dinosaurs

ASK April 2020. Was there life before the dinosaurs? Where do you think they came from?
ASK April 2020 

Before we were here, there were dinosaurs. But what was before the dinosaurs? This eye-opening edition of ASK Magazine takes you back in time more than 100 million years ago and introduces you to a world you would never recognize, even though it’s the same world we live in now.


Let’s start at 4.5 billion years ago. What did the world look like? Then, fast forward to 600 million years ago and look at what the first animals to appear looked like. Travel through the periods of time to learn what emerged when, track the evolution of life, and discover at what point the world resembled anything remotely like what we know now. You won’t believe the sorts of creatures that roamed the world in prehistoric times, even if some of them vaguely resemble animals we are currently familiar with. You’ll also discover how our own anatomy reflects and evolved from creatures that existed centuries ago.



Enjoy features including:


  • Life on Earth by Mark Hicks
  • What Came before Dinosaurs? by Abby Howard
  • Fins and Fingers, Wings and Hooves by Charlene Brusso
  • Stump the Scientists! by Hannah Bonner
  • I Am NOT a Dinosaur by Sara Levine
  • The Secret of My Success by A. Roach

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