SPIDER November-December 2019

Bundle up for holiday adventures with a flock of chilly sheep, mischievously itchy knitting, a sweet Hanukkah treat, and a runaway Christmas tree.

Front Cover by Phoenix Chan


What happens in winter? This edition of SPIDER Magazine looks at the traditions and holidays of the season, with plenty of stories, crafts, recipes, and poems to help you celebrate.


Starting with sheep, you and your kids will take a wild ride through winter and along the way, you’ll find a Hanukkah recipe, a Native American legend, a spicy-smelling holiday decoration your kids can make, a puzzle your kids can create, and a craft of homemade wrapping paper. With jokes, cartoons, poems, and charming art, SPIDER Magazine will keep your kids smiling for the whole season.


Enjoy features including:

  • Broccoli Schnoz by Krista Heij Barber
  • A Fading Sun by Deby Fredericks
  • Woolly Weather Woes by Monica M. Roe
  • Twitchy-Wool by Angela Allan
  • Glorious Gelt! by Emily Cambias
  • How Big Bear Stuck to the Sky by Kathleen Muldoon
  • Bug Adventure by Michael Chesworth
  • Spiced Pomander Ball by Julienne Marlaire
  • Reader Riots: Best Jokes of 2019 by You
  • Somebody Catch That Christmas Tree! by Pamela Love

Regular features include Doodlebug & Dandelion, Fabulous Facts, Spider’s Corner, Spider’s

Mailbox, Ophelia’s Last Word, Bug Adventure, Buggy Bulletin, The Fun Zone, Mind-Buggler, and

Spider and the Gang.