SPIDER Magazine March 2021


Little things can make big differences. Find out how the smallest worm proves to be the bravest when faced with puppy problems. Meet a young girl who saves her family by comforting the moon. Learn how caring for fifty chicken eggs inspired author E.B. White.

They say the early bird gets the worm, but this this edition of SPIDER Magazine gives you both birds and worms. And spiders. And eggs. In fact, this SPIDER Magazine is eggactly what you were looking for.


Spring is the time of year for new babies, and SPIDER Magazine is hatching all sorts of fun facts and splendid stories around these themes. With stories and poems about how butterflies, chickens, and birds all hatch, as well as a beautiful Chinese fable and an engaging game from Kenya, there’s entertainment on every page. Plus, fool your friends with an easy, delicious recipe for a quesadilla with deceiving looks.


Enjoy features including:

  • Hatching Hopes by Richy K. Chandler4
  • The Hungry Bird by James Young
  • Worms in Danger by Elizabeth Kuelbs
  • Silly Spiders
  • B.’s Eggs by Susan Vande Griek
  • Beware of the Spider by Jacqueline Adams
  • Spider Dance by Buffy Silverman
  • Little Yin and the Moon by Jeremy Yoder
  • Bug Adventure by Michael Chesworth
  • Spring’s Way by Sherri Stockdale

Regular features of SPIDER Magazine include: Spider’s Corner, Spider’s Mailbox, Ophelia’s Last Word, Bug Adventure, Buggy Bulletin, The Fun Zone, Mind-Buggler, and Spider and the Gang.