SPIDER March 2020

There’s magic in the air! Wish on a lucky leprechaun, make friends with a trickster fairy, learn how kites fly, and go on windy-day adventures with some very imaginative kids.

Front Cover by Luciana Navarro Powell


March comes in like a lion and leave like a lamb but there’s a whole lot of fun to be had while the weather changes. From the fun you can have with the winds that March brings to the leprechauns of St. Patrick’s Day, each page of SPIDER Magazine shows you how to have fun each day of the month.


The best part of windy days has to be kite flying. With poems, stories, and a do-it-yourself kite craft, you and your kids will be itching to get out and go fly a kite. Especially once you learn the science behind how kites actually fly! And if the weather isn’t quite right for kites, there’s plenty of other activities. Learn how to make rainbow pancakes, read a charming English fairy tale, and create some fairy bells so you know when the wind is blowing.


Enjoy features including:


  • Out of Bounds by Emiliano Migliardo
  • Forest Glade by Cindy Breedlove
  • Rainbow Pancakes
  • Watch Out for the Hedley Beast by Madeline Juran
  • Harry, the Wind Is Blowing by Helena Clare Pittman
  • When the Cold Wind Blows by Rolli
  • Flying with Kites
  • Cloud Fishing by Zach Falcon

Regular features include Doodlebug & Dandelion, Fabulous Facts, Spider’s Corner, Spider’s

Mailbox, Ophelia’s Last Word, Bug Adventure, Buggy Bulletin, The Fun Zone, Mind-Buggler, and

Spider and the Gang.