SPIDER Magazine April 2021


This April Fool’s Day, coin-seeking kids try to trick the tooth fairy, a girl get out of bed to find her world’s been turned upside down, and a suave swindler convinces a mining town that cereal is more valuable than gold. Plus, discover what true cowpokes eat in the wee hours.

Front Cover by Alan & Lea Daniel


SPRIDER Magazine is heading out to the wild west to discover rodeos, farms, and the perfect frontier breakfast. Your kids will be yee-hawing til the cows come home.


In addition to stories about cowboys, gold miners, and a roundup game that lets you lasso cows, SPIDER Magazine veers off the western path to hang out… on the ceiling. Don’t miss the story of poor Henrietta Applebaum, who seems to be stuck upside down, the cute poem about the acro-bat, and the fun facts about animals who live upside down! As always, each story, poem and song are rounded out with games, recipes, magic tricks, mazes, and more,


Enjoy features including:

  • Welcome to the Rodeo! By Cedric Hohnstadt
  • Doodlebug & Dandelion by Pamela Dell
  • The Rooster’s Sunrise by Armani Mondragón
  • His Laziness, the Sun by Beverly McLoughland
  • Henrietta Applebaum is Upside Down by Hannah Hoffman
  • Bug Adventure by Michael Chesworth
  • Acro-Bat by Karin Lynn Kandur
  • Wrong-Side-Up Wildlife by Stacey Lane
  • The Terrible Tooth Trick by Joette
  • Foolers!
  • Cereal on a Stick by Felicia Harris
  • A Cowgirl Breakfast by Rachel Hamby
  • Breakfast in Fastbreak by Neal Levin

Regular features of SPIDER Magazine include: Spider’s Corner, Spider’s Mailbox, Ophelia’s Last Word, Bug Adventure, Buggy Bulletin, The Fun Zone, Mind-Buggler, and Spider and the Gang.