The Birds

MUSE October 2019. Cozy up with the crow family! Read about raptors! The science of birdwatching has never been spookier—or more fun.

MUSE October 2019

Our feathered friends are beautiful, intelligent, and widely complex. This edition of MUSE Magazine gets up close and personal with a few types of commonly misunderstood birds: Ravens, Crows, Owls and Vultures.


From being called a “treachery” when in a group, to being the star character of an Edgar Allen Poe poem, ravens get a bad reputation. Separate fact from fiction when it comes to these surprisingly smart birds. Put the rumors to rest. Raven superstitions? Nevermore. You’ll also hear some real life stories—such as the crows who bring gifts, the science of bird counting, and what the world is doing to protect birds on a whole.


Enjoy features including:

  • The Truth About Ravens
  • When the Crows Come Home to Roost
  • Bird-herding Bot
  • The Vulture
  • Barn Owls as Peacemakers

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