Show Me How


MUSE Magazine November-December 2022. How do humans and non-human animals—and even robots—learn? Find out in this fun and enlightening issue of Muse! Discover how sloths are rehabilitated back into the wild, young chimpanzees adopt tools by aping other chimps, and birds learn to communicate through song. And have a laugh with young kids as they discover humor!

MUSE Magazine has introduced some fascinating facts and this edition is no different. From learning how to build a medieval castle to how birds sing, it provides answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. And it features some amazing animals—chimpanzees, sloths, and some very special dogs. Learn how to fold origami, meet a real-life bird brain, discover the secrets behind why we laugh, and dive into a short but sweet mystery story. 


Enjoy features including:

·         Constructing a Medieval Castle Today Without a guidebook by Abha & Deepa Jain  

·         How birds learn to sing by Devin Reese

·         Chimpanzee watch! by Emily Cambias

·         Sloth School Taught to be wild again by Charles C. Hofer

·         Training Guide Dogs by Carol Ottolenghi

·         Learning to laugh by Kathiann M. Kowalsk

·         Show & Tell A short and sweet mystery by Justin Werfe

Regular features include Parallel U, Muse Mail, Muse News, Hands-on, Photo Op, Science @ Work, Q&A, Do the Math, Your Tech, Contest, and Last Slice.