Kids Rule!


MUSE Magazine November-December 2020. Meet climate activists, STEM youth leaders, and wildlife defenders. Revisit the courage of children who marched for civil rights in 1963. Inspired? Check out our activism guide for kids!

Think that just because you’re a kid, you have no say? Think again. This enlightening edition of MUSE Magazine looks at how kids around the world are making a difference in the world—and how you can too!


Entrepreneur at age 10. Climate change warriors under the age of 12. A 17-year-old who started a non-profit geared at getting kids into science. You’ll be surprised and delighted to learn what the newest generation has been up to. They’re not waiting until they’re grown up to take on real-world challenges and make the world a better place. This inspirational edition of MUSE Magazine celebrates young heroes through the ages, showing that positive change doesn’t have an age limit.


Enjoy features including:

  • Power to the Young People by Priya Sridha
  • Teens on the Science Communication Scene by Carrie Tillotson
  • Why the Children of Birmingham Marched by Cynthia Levinson
  • Student-lead Learning by Carolyn Fay
  • How Kids Helped Researchers at the Mayo Clinic by Tracy Vonder Brink


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