Future Flight


MUSE Magazine Nov-Dec 2023. Fasten your seatbelt to check out the possible next generation and future of aircraft. Learn about the current efforts of scientists and aerospace engineers to reduce airplanes’ carbon “flightprints” and make them fly more efficiently. Find out about new pterosaur- and animal-inspired aircraft and drone designs, how supersonic flight might be making a comeback, and how a Star Trek-inspired warp drive could work for real spacecraft!

While the science fiction stories of the 50s promised us flying cars by now, the aviation advancements we have made—and that are in the making—feel more like modern sci-fi than reality. This edition of MUSE Magazine soars high and far into the future of flying. 


As we advance in aircraft engineering, planes look sleeker, fly faster, and offer more amenities. But they are also meeting new guidelines and goals to run more efficiently and environmentally friendly. After first, discovering how we are making flying more sustainable, you’ll then learn about planes made of plants. We’re not kidding. From there, see how extinct dinosaurs are influencing tomorrow’s aviation technology. Dive into some very forward-thinking ideas for travel (think: superhero level) and see why flying cars may not be relegated to science fiction after all. 


Enjoy features including: 

·         Taking Off Toward a Greener Future by Rachel Keho

·         Planes Made of Plants by Rachel Craft

·         Pterosaur-inspired Aircraft! by Nick D’Alto

·         The Quest for Quiet, Quick Planes by Abha and Deepa Jain

·         Quantum Teleportation by Kathiann M. Kowalski

·         Faster Than Light by David Warmflash

·         A Flying Car? by Kathryn Hulick


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