Moons Ascending


MUSE Magazine March 2024. The moons are alight with wonder—now more than ever.

Learn about eclipses and how to safely view the rare total solar eclipse coming on April 8. Find out about the new NASA Artemis missions to our Moon and the new European and American missions to Jupiter’s icy moons. Read about the recent discovery of an astonishing 63 more moons around Saturn, and hear from the astronomer who found them, Edward Ashton. 


But despite the cultural—and gravitational—pull of the moon, not everybody celebrates humanity’s lunar achievements. Meet the no-moonies, the fringe group that believes the moon landing never happened at all! Find out what brings people down conspiratorial paths and how even our own eyes can deceive us. 


MUSE is packed to the brim with fascinating facts and engaging articles that explore the lesser-known sides of science in fun, unexpected ways. The budding scientist in your life will be over the moon about this new issue! 



Enjoy features including:  

·         Ready, Set, Eclipse! by Meg Thatcher 

·         (Don’t) Fly Me To the Moon by Lela Nargi 

·         To the Moon—and Beyond! by Lynne Winter 

·         The Power of Tides by Curtis Manley 

·         The Truth About Pluto by Charles C. Hofer 

·         New Moons of Saturn by Nick D’Alto 

·         Investigating Icy Moons by Rachel Kehoe 


Regular features include Parallel U, Muse Mail, Muse News, Art Space, Do the Math, Science @ Work, Q&A, Your Tech, Contest, and Last Slice.