Incredible Journeys


MUSE Magazine March 2023. Fly with birds along the Atlantic Flyway and the African straw-colored fruit bat in Zambia. Swim with the Pacific gray whale from Mexico to Alaska and tiny zooplankton on their nightly trips in oceans and lakes. Learn how animals navigate, what scientists are doing to help animals cross roads safely, and how you can help migrating monarch butterflies.

From the magnetosphere to monarch butterflies, this edition of MUSE Magazines looks at how, where, and why we—and many of our animal friends—travel.   


Ever wondered how birds know where to go? Or why they fly in flocks? MUSE uncovers the amazing adventures of animals on the go, including birds, bats, and butterflies. You and your young learners will get some amazing insights into how animals view the world and what motivates the epic journeys many species take throughout the year. You’ll see how we have used nature to guide our own travels and learn how we protect traveling packs (as well as our cars). Complete with gorgeous photos and illustrations, games, interviews and more, your kids will want to embark on a learning journey of their own. 


Enjoy features including:

·          Flight of the Fruit Bat by Rachel Kehoe

·         The Epic Journey by Charles C. Hofer

·         Tiny Critters, Massive Migration by Nora Nickum 

·         Secrets of Animal Navigators by Alice Andre-Clark 

·         Sailing by Stars and Waves by Nick D’Alto

·         Who Invited You? by Lynn Ermann

·         Critters Crossing by Nick D’Alto

·         Bird Superhighway by Elizabeth J. Scholl 

Regular features include Parallel U, Muse Mail, Muse News, Hands-on, Photo Op, Science @ Work, Q&A, Do the Math, Your Tech, Contest, and Last Slice.