Far Away Worlds


MUSE Magazine March 2021. An issue outta this solar system! Explore stories about exoplanets and astronomers. What’s your message to aliens?

Space… although it’s the final frontier, it is becoming much more familiar to us with each passing day. This illuminating edition of MUSE Magazine takes a look at our explorations of deep space, the search for another Earth, and questions if there is other life somewhere, out there.


Much like the early explorers who sailed off to chart new lands and discover new countries, there is a whole facet of astronomy dedicated to finding new worlds. Planet hunters use technology to sail through space and track exoplanets – worlds far beyond our own solar system. So far, they’ve found more than 4000. Learn what techniques these space pirates use to find new lands, explore the habitability of these planets to see if there is another earth out there, and learn if we’ve yet seen any trace of extraterrestrial life. Gorgeous photos and illustrations help guide your adventure.


Enjoy features including:

  • The Girl Who Changed the Universe by Rachel Bithell
  • No Place Like Home by Kathryn Hulick
  • Life at First Sight by Charles C. Hofer
  • Wake Me Up When We Get There by Brittany Moya del Pino
  • Frog Sleep by Deborah Walker

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