End of an Era

MUSE March 2020. History, in perspective. Meet geologists, uncover a fateful day for dinos, and observe survivors.

MUSE March 2020

When we study history, we typically learn about events that happened on earth—battles, rulers, voyages. But how often do we look at the history of the earth itself? With this illuminating edition of MUSE Magazine, you’ll look at our planet’s powerful past, the major events that led to earth as we know it today, and the creatures who have come and gone through the periods of time. 


66 million years ago, our planet changed forever. Dig into this fascinating history with real-life paleontologists, geologists, and other earth scientists. And you’ll not only learn about what these incredible people have discovered, but how they made these discoveries and what their day-to-day jobs are like. Take a tour of the historic eras and the life that came and went with each one to better understand the creatures of today. And look at how locations you can visit today can open the door to the spectacular past that we’re still uncovering. Spoiler alert: it involves crocodiles that could eat dinosaurs!


Enjoy features including:


  • The Day the Cretaceous Ended by Jeanne Miller
  • A Visit to the Past by Nick D’Alto
  • The Rise and Fall of the Terror Birds by Charles C. Hofer
  • Are We Living in the Anthropocene by Janie Chodosh
  • Trial in Absentia by Duchie Jingles

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