Great Apes


MUSE Magazine April 2024. Imagine a family reunion with relatives both near and far. There’s your favorite uncle, your sweet grandma, and, of course, the wild cousins. Did we mention they’re chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans? How are great apes related to humans and which are our closest cousins? Find out in this APE-ril issue of MUSE!

In tandem with pioneering primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday, we’re looking into the family ties between great apes and humans. How much do we share with them and what sets us apart? 


Learn all about cladistics, the ever-evolving system of species classification, and discover a surprising family secret: we are more closely related to chimps than they are to gorillas and orangutans. But what does that mean for us? Find out what makes a primate, see how apes use math and medication, and meet scientists who work closely with our fuzzy cousins. There’s plenty of engaging content to ape-reciate in this month’s issue of MUSE, from comics and puzzles to creative submissions from MUSE readers!


Enjoy features including: 

·          The Leftovers by Charles C. Hofer

·         Who’s Your Cousin? By Stephen Whitt

·         Dr. Ape Will See You Now by Sarah Gottlieb

·         Guardians of the Forest by Linda Zajac

·         Ape Antics by Rachel Kehoe

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