Mind Boggling Astronomy Book

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You Are About to be Hurled into the Mystery, Wonder, and Excitement of the Cosmos!
You Are About to be Hurled into the Mystery, Wonder, and Excitement of the Cosmos! Are you ready for an adventure? Start by looking up at the stars and checking out the universe. It’s weird out there. There are so many unanswered questions and so much we don’t even know we don’t know. Well, get ready to take the first step toward understanding with Mind-Boggling Astronomy, a surprisingly wild and wondrous trip into all things space. Featuring hands-on activities and surprises galore, coupled with a sense of humor, a touch of irreverence, and plenty of scientific facts sure to get even the most seasoned astronomers something new to ponder, Mind-Boggling Astronomy is perfect for use in both the school and home setting.

Inside you’ll find:

  1. Chapters focusing on astronomy topics kids want to explore, including the Solar System, Cosmology, Telescope Operations, and the Space Shuttle Experience.
  2. More than 50 hands-on activities! Try your hand at measuring distant objects, understanding the science behind terrariums (necessary for life on Mars!), and building your own rocket ship!
  3. Insight into the advances made by early astronomers, including Claudius Ptolemy, Nicholas Copernicus, and Johannes Kepler. 
  4. Awesomely fun “Mind-Boggler Alerts” scattered throughout the entire book. Check out page 16 if you want to figure out how to translate Star Trek “stardates” into Earth years. 
  5. Scientific word puzzles, crosswords, and other mind-benders designed to get both kids and adults thinking outside the box. 
  6. Charts, tables, glossary, additional reading suggestions, and even teacher resources. 

Ready to blast off with Mind-Boggling Astronomy? Well, fasten your seatbelt. You’re in for a wild and crazy space adventure.

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