LADYBUG Magazine September 2022


Ready to create and play? Build a block tower, a wagon, or even a playground, and say hello to new friends!

Pick up this edition of LADYBUG Magazine, as it’s all about the fresh foods you can pick for fall. Plus, plant a roof garden and enjoy the festivals and parties the season brings with all your favorite friends. 


Meet Leona and see what happens when she wears her sparkly new blue bunny shoes to visit the farm animals. Or join the Plum School as they get ready for their annual Fall Festival. Learn a new song, see what the cupcake tree grows each season and help sort out some mixed-up farm animals. With songs, games, poems, and charming illustrations throughout, your children will be engaged on every page as they follow the adventures of characters they can relate to or pretend to be by using their imaginations.  


Enjoy features including:

·         A Song on a Seedcake by Brian Gene Olson

·         I’d Rather by Jane Morris Udovic

·         Fall Festival

·         I Had a Cat – An Appalachian Folk Song

·         Garden on the Roof by Diana Murray

·         Caw! Baa! By Maggie Murphy

·         Little Birds by Sharon Landeen

·         Sparkly Blue Bunny Shoes by Artemis Roehrig

·         Tea Party To-Do by Charlotte Gunnufson

·         The Cupcake Tree’s Year by John Sandford

·         Pluck a Plum by Amie Valore-Caplan

Regular features of LADYBUG Magazine include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and Thud.