LADYBUG September 2020

Join the 30th anniversary celebration with rooftop garden veggies, runaway shoes, and plenty of cupcakes!

It’s time to celebrate! Festivals, birthdays, tea parties, and more. And no celebration is complete without sweet treats, so this edition of LADYBUG Magazine is also jam-packed with cupcakes, apples, plums, pies, and other delights!


From apple picking to fall festivals, tea parties to birthday presents—there’s are so many surprises to unpack in this LADYBUG Magazine! And every surprise is wrapped in poem, a picture, a story, a song, a cartoon, a game, and more, making every page an absolute pleasure. And with stories and poems about the joys of gardening, your child will love to plant and harvest. If nothing else, the cupcake tree poem will plant some seeds of inspiration in their imaginations!     


Enjoy features including:


  • A Song on a Seedcake by Brian Gene Olson
  • I’d Rather by Jane Morris Udovic
  • Basket Time
  • Fall Festival
  • I Had a Cat – An Appalachian Folk Song
  • Garden on the Roof by Diana Murray
  • Caw! Baa! By Maggie Murphy
  • Little Birds by Sharon Landeen
  • Sparkly Blue Bunny Shoes by Artemis Rochrig
  • Tea Party To-Do by Charlotte Gunnufson
  • Pick a Plum by Amie Valore-Caplan
  • On Barn Painting Day by Sarah Meade


Regular features include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and