LADYBUG September 2019

Get to know some silly pets, follow a runaway bubble, and learn how to keep beautiful fall leaves forever!

This edition of LADYBUG Magazine is falling for autumn, and all the splendid treasures that show up during this season. Whether you’re nuts for nuts or looking for lovely leaves, you can find all sorts of fun this fall.

Take a poetic walk around the city and then follow a bubble as it flies around town to see things from the sky. Learn a traditional song that is quite silly and easy to sing along with and drive a bus all over a maze of streets. Then, you and your children will learn all about the leaves with an educational story that also teaches identification. You may be inspired to get out and find your own! Then have some fun with animals: cats, giraffes, and some… well, we’re not sure. They got a bit mixed up! Lastly, try a hands-on project that really lets you use your hands with fun animal finger puppets.

 Enjoy features including:

  • City Dwellers by Eileen R. Meyer
  • The Bubble by Lisa Colburn
  • I’m a Nut
  • Drive the Bus by Tony Brown
  • Class Pet by Bob McMahon
  • Autumn Treasures by Edna Ledgard
  • Good Catch by Sheila Kerwin
  • My Very Own Pet by Ashley Blasland
  • Animal Mix Up by Anne Reas
  • The Moth and the Moon by Kell Andrews
  • Finger Puppets by Mary Beth Cryan


Regular features include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and