LADYBUG Magazine July-August 2022


Find a mystery animal at the zoo, explore the many uses of a shell, and make a new friend at the beach!

Seas the day with this delightful edition of LADYBUG Magazine, focused on beaches, oceans, water and all the friends you find in those places


Games, poems, songs, crafts, and stories keep your young learners swimming through this LADYBUG Magazine. Get your early readers a visual guide to reading with a story that replaces certain terms with pictures to help them connect words to concepts. Adorable and simple poems about seagulls, shells, and seahorses introduce kids to the fun friends you can find at a beach. And when you’re all tuckered out from your day exploring the beach and ocean, try Warren’s Mother’s Lemonade recipe, complete with a poem about lemonade!


Enjoy features including:

·         Coloring Magic by Diana Murray

·         The Penguins and the Heron by Nora Nickum

·         Sunny, Sandy Bingo

·         Beachy Buddies by Jane Dippold

·         A Seahorse by Beverly McLoughland

·         Shell! by Artemis Roehrig

·         The Gulls of Summer by Brian Gene Olson

·         My Bonnie Lives Over the Ocean – A Traditional Scottish Song

·         A Day at Liberty Bay by Kimberly Long Cockroft

·         Fish Moves by Linda Goossens

·         Lemonade by Anna J. Boll

·         Fishy Fun by Shelly Finn


Regular features of LADYBUG Magazine include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and Thud.