LADYBUG February 2020

Meet silly groundhogs, find out where maple syrup comes from, and help a little girl pick the perfect pet.

You’re going to love what’s in “store” for you with this edition of LADYBUG Magazine, which has lots of “store”ies about.. going to the store!


Max and Kate lose Mo at the department store, there’s a delightful poem about what your products do in the grocery cart, and then have some fun with the food you find at the store. Try to take on a traditional tongue twister about butter or enjoy a sweet poem about how sweet French toast is. LADYBUG Magazine also gets a little cat’astrophic with stories, poems, and songs about kitties. And there’s even more beyond that!


Enjoy features including:

  • Party in the Cart by Sarah Meade
  • Sugar on Snow by Thea Schwartz
  • Betty Botter: A Traditional Tongue Twister
  • Let’s Do the French Toast Dance by Cynthia Yoder
  • Valentine’s Day by Serena Geddes
  • In the Barn by Ellen L. Ramsey
  • Lost Kitty by Brian Gene Olson
  • That’s Strange by Suzanne Hardin
  • Annie’s Decision by Kristina Jordan Cobarrubia


Regular features include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and