LADYBUG April 2020

Meet a bike that loves to teach kids how to ride and find creative ways to use old pj’s and holey socks!

It’s time to “spring” into action, as LADYBUG Magazine celebrates spring! From blossoms to building, you and your kids will explore the benefits and bounty of what spring brings!


Some people spring clean, others spring build—including birds! You can learn how birds build nests, and what you can do to help, with a charming story about the building season. Socks show up throughout this edition of LADYBUG Magazine in many fun ways and now that the weather is warmer and we can jump back on our bikes, kids can love to read about Poppy. Complete with adorable illustrations, endearing poems, engaging activities, and more, this LADYBUG is guaranteed to put a spring in your step!



Enjoy features including:

  • The Building Season by Prudy Miller Hock
  • Porches by Caroline Stutson
  • A Share of Socks by Pamela Love
  • Blackberry by Galen Goodwin Longstreth
  • The Fairy Ring – A Traditional Song
  • Apple Blossoms by Jane Resides
  • Get Ready by Charlie Eve Ryan
  • Poppy by Nancy E. Walker-Guye
  • Rodeo Mouse by Penny L. Hunt
  • A Weed’s Tale by Craig W. Steele


Regular features include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and