In a Word

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Fun word origins taken from CALLIOPE Magazine

In a Word: 750 Words and Their Fascinating Stories and Origins

In a Word is an indispensable kid's book featuring short stories about the origin of 750 words in use today. This book explores the history of language and some phrases that kids today take for granted.Few people have ever accused them of being fun, but this book is. The 750 entries are little gems of detective work that take the reader through history, geography, and most of the world's ancient and modern cultures. Unless you're an etymologist yourself, you'll be sneaking this book away from your children to read how œgargoyle is related to the word œgargle, or why œstarboard has nothing to do with which side of the boat the stars are on.

Each word or phrase used today had a beginning - a reason for being coined. Words travel through time and evolve, taking on new characteristics, new meanings, and fascinating tales of people, places, and events. Applaud, for example, goes back to ancient Rome, when an actor would turn to the audience and demand "Plaudite!" ("Clap!")

This fun book contains 750 word origins written in a witty short-story style. Many of the words are accompanied by "P.S.'s," that provide details about a word's history and usage. Witty illustrations by Tom Lopes showcase many of the words' visual connections.The book comes with a language chart, an index, and an introduction by a linguistics scholar. In a Word makes the perfect gift for curious kids with a desire to learn about the world around them. The whole family will enjoy this fun-filled book!


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