South Africa Today


FACES Magazine October 2023.  Located at the southern tip of the African continent, South Africa is a country of natural beauty and rich resources.

There are 11 official languages here. There is more than 1700 miles of coastline here. And you can find one of the ten largest wildlife parks in the world, covering more than 10,000 miles here. Meet: South Africa. 


In this illuminating edition of FACES Magazine, you’ll take a first-class tour through the cities, savannas, parks, and beaches of South Africa. Along the way, you’ll meet the people who have helped make this country what it is today, discover some of their amazing cuisine, and learn a bit of the language. Games, a play based on a Xhosa folktale, and crafts will have you feeling immersed in the culture as if you were there. 


Enjoy features including: 


·         Welcome to South Africa by R. Anthony Kugler

·         Captivating Cape Town by Ann Stalcup 

·         Nelson Mandela: Activist, Prisoner, President by Janet Buckwalter

·         Celebrating Freedom by Madeline Harrison

·         Kruger National Park by Donna O’Meara

·         Bredie, Bobotie, and Boerewors by Ann Stalcup

·         The Language of Peace by Karen E. Lewis

·         The Snake Chief by Patty Claudio

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