The World of Elephants

Faces October 2018. The elephant is the world’s largest land animal. They are known for their strength, intelligence, and sensitivity.
Faces October 2018

The edition of FACES Magazine is packed with pachyderms—also known as elephants. Get to know these big and beautiful beasts in their natural environments and learn what it’s like to walk in the footsteps of a giant.


FACES Magazine is always full of fascinating facts and this edition on elephants is no different. Whether you’ve ever wondered how much an elephant eats, what the trunk is used for, or the average lifespan, you and your kids will find all the amazing answers here. You’ll see how humans and elephants have learned to live and work together, supporting each other—and where humans have had the opposite effect on the elephant population. Chock full of vibrant photographs, puzzles, pictures, a play, and even a chance to paint your own elephant, this FACES Magazine makes any other pachydermal periodical irr-elephant.  


Enjoy features including:


  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Trunks by Pat Betteley
  • Pachyderms and People by Pat Betteley
  • Women Saving Elephants by Christine Graf
  • The Painted Elephant Parades by Jennifer Buchet
  • Women on the Front Lines of Conservation by Christine Graf
  • War Elephants by Christine Graf
  • The Six Foot Long Nose by Susan Zikoyanis 
  • James the Vine Puller - A Play Based on a Brazilian Folktale retold by Pat Bettele

Regular features include High Five, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World, A Closer Look, Your Turn, Dear Kylie, Art Connection, Say What?, One Last Face, Contest, and a crossword puzzle.