FACES Magazine March 2024.  Some forests are peaceful. Others are enchanted. Many are in danger. What makes a forest a forest? Explore forests—real and mythical—around the world with this tree-riffic issue of FACES.

Wander the world’s most remarkable forests, from threatened tropical rainforests to massive bamboo groves to sky-high sequoias. Learn to identify common trees and discover the many rare and fascinating creatures that call forests home. Meet some celebrity trees, like New Zealand’s sacred 2000-year-old Tāne Mahuta or a clonal colony of quaking aspen trees thought to be the world’s largest organism. Then, dive under the sea and explore a forest unlike any you’ve seen before: massive kelp forests!


With puzzles, activities, cool trivia facts, and gorgeous photos, FACES is the closest thing to being there!


Enjoy features including:

·         What Makes a Forest by Kathy Rembisz

·         Animals that Depend on the Forest by Patty Claudio

·         The Plight of the Rainforests by Patty Claudio

·         A Mystical Forest by Marcia Amidon Lusted

·         Lord of the Forest by Mary Rudzinski

·         Pando: Oldest, Heaviest, and Largest? by Paula Henson

·         Mangroves: Forests on Stilts by Nicole Groeneweg

·         The Kelp Forest: An Underwater Ecosystem by Nicole Groeneweg

·         The Evergreen and the Rhododendron retold by Virginia Schumacher


Regular features of FACES Magazine include High 5, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World, The Gallery, A Closer Look, Say What, Last Face, Your Turn, and a crossword puzzle.