Sea Monsters


FACES Magazine April 2024.  Some stories about mysterious creatures living in the seas are easy to question, but others are true! Where’s the line between fact and fiction—and what is a sea monster, anyway?

Discover the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, perhaps the most famous ‘sea monster’ to never live in a sea at all! But what’s the true story behind her famous photographs? Meet the ‘living fossils’ once thought to be extinct, from coelacanths to tuataras, and get a glimpse of the fabled giant squid. Dive into folklore and uncover chilling tales of the powerful kraken, ghost ships, sea sirens, and the bunyip. And what’s that giant eel? It’s a moray!


Filled with puzzles, activities, artwork, and stunning photographs, there’s so much to SEA and do in this month’s issue of FACES! 


Enjoy features including:

·         Monsters of the Deep? by Marcia Amidon Lusted

·         Fatal Enchantment by Ellen Seiden

·         Copenhagen’s Goodwill Ambassador by Ellen Seiden

·         Monsters or Not? The Legend of the Kraken by Marcia Amidon Lusted

·         Ghost Ships by Charlene Brusso

·         Escaping Poseidon’s Palace by Clifford A. Pickover

·         Meet Nessie by Chris R. Sharp

·         Do These Sea Serpents Sense Quakes? By Deepa Jain

·         The Bunyip retold by Patty Claudio

Regular features of FACES Magazine include High 5, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World, The Gallery, A Closer Look, Say What, Last Face, Your Turn, and a crossword puzzle.