DIG October 2016 single back issue.
DIG October 2016

What is a Princeps Optimus? No, it’s not a Transformer. Princeps Optimus, meaning ‘best leader,’ was a title given to the Roman general-turned-emperor Trajan. This month’s DIG INTO HISTORY plunges into his exciting life. Examine the magnificent column, still standing in Rome today, commemorating his great deeds and check out the haunting legend that accompanies it. Navigate the twists and turns that led Spanish-born Trajan to rule Rome, and meet the people from engineer to empress who helped him on his path to glory in articles such as:

Here Comes the Parade! by Anthony Hollingsworth

The Road to Power by Angela Murock Hussein

A Column That Talks by Angela Murock Hussein

A Master at Engineering by Mark Rose

Caution: Work Zone by Mark Rose

Kiosk on Philae by Richard A. Lobban, Jr.

Legend of Dakia by Marina Debattista

The Alimenta by Emily Abbink

The Limits of Power by Emily Abbink

What the Letters Reveal by Anthony Hollingsworth

Meet Plotina by Liz Johnson

Princeps Optimus by Chaddie Kruger

The Let’s Go Digging section gives readers a behind-the-scenes work at the groundbreaking—literally—work going on CAAM, the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials with articles including:

Rattle Finds at Ur

Archaeology in the Lab by Marie-Claude Boileau, Tessa de Alarcon, Moritz Jansen, Megan Kassabaum, Janet Monge, Katherine Moore, and Chantel White

Behind the Scenes with CAAM

On Site with CAAM

In the Lab with CAAM

Regular features include: The Calliope Chronicles, Fun with Words, Fast Forward, What’s Wrong Here?, Ask Away!, This & That, Off the Shelf/On the Net, the Adventures of Dr. Dig, In the Headlines, and Artifacts.