Year One Along the Silk Road

DIG May-June 2016 single back issue.
DIG Magazine May-June 2016

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma guides readers along the Silk Road, the winding, sometimes shifting path stretching as much as 7,000 miles between the Chinese Han Empire and the early Roman Empire with articles that include:

A Continuing Internet by Yo-Yo Ma

Before We Begin by Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis

A Great Match by Kate Walker

What’s the Date? By Merton C. Flemings

Great Walls for Great Empires by Gordon Grimwade

The Power of Paper by Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis

A Prized Commodity: Precious Glass by Louisa Kania

A Closer Look at Silk by Fiorenzo Omenetto

Growing Bombyx mori by Katherine M. Parisky

Divining the Future by Louisa Kania

Journey to the Afterworld by Louisa Kania

Griffins, Gold, and Gales by Sarah Novak

Our “Let’s Go Dig-ging” section features articles such as “A Long Journey” by Margarete Pruech, “Sogdian Traders” by Patrick Wertmann, “The Invention of Trousers” by Patrick Wertmann, and “A Look at Jiaohe” by Patrick Wertmann.

Regular features include: Fun with Words, The Calliope Chronicles, What’s Wrong Here?, Ask Away!, The Adventures of Dr. Dig, and Art-i-Facts.