The Byzantine Empire

DIG March 2019. The Middle East – an area of the world in the news every day! What’s its history? Here’s the fascinating and truly gripping tale of the years from 330 to 1453!

The Byzantine Empire is often referred to but rarely explained. This edition of DIG Magazine introduces you and your children to the eastern half of the Roman Empire that was home to Armenians, Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, Slavs, and Syrians—as well as a plethora of advancements that impacted the rest of the world and culture.


Trace the evolution of the Byzantine Empire from its politics and rulers, to its religions and languages, the golden ages, even to its name. As always, illustrations, photographs, handy definitions and fun facts, activities, and more help make the grand scope of this empire accessible.


Enjoy features including:

  • The What, When,and Where byJustin D. Lyons
  • And So It Starts by Justin D. Lyons
  • From Greek to Latinto Greek by Anthony Hollingsworth
  • Out with Paganism by Anthony Hollingsworth
  • The Path of Islam by Susan Douglass
  • Iconoclasts vs. Iconophiles by Sona Hoisington
  • Old Dongola — At the Edge of the Empire by Jack Cheng
  • The Influence of Byzantine Law by Emily Abbink
  • Women’s Rights by Emily Abbink
  • A Golden Age and Then Another by Emily Abbink
  • The Fall by Justin D. Lyons
  • The Legacy of an Empire by Regina Hansen

Regular features of DIG magazine include Five Facts, Map, Fun with Words, Interestingly, The Calliope Chronicles, Fast Forward, Tales It Is, Ask Away!, This & That, Off the Shelf/ On the Net, In the Headlines, The Adventures of Dr. Dig, and Artifacts.