Mapping the World

DIG Into History July-August 2019. We look at maps through history, from the oldest known map to today’s cutting-edge satellite cartography. Discover maps of the planet, of the grave, and of imaginary lands! And, find out how to name a mountain!
DIG INTO HISTORY July-August 2019

What does it take to make a map of the world? Or even a map limited to just the known world of the time? Travel back in time to look at the first maps and navigate your way through many maps—how they are created and used.


DIG Magazine turns a spotlight on cartographers, designers, explorers, and even archeologists to see how they contribute to making maps. On your journey, you’ll see how the continents actually changed and how our perception of the continents has changed. You can learn about naming techniques You and your children can try making maps of your own play games using navigation techniques.  


Enjoy features including:

  • In the Beginnin gby Patrick Wertmann
  • The First Map? by Paul T. Nicholson
  • How Big Is the Big Blue Marble? by Vaughn M. Bryant
  • Maps of the Dead by Annette Kieser
  • The Wooden Atlas by Patrick Wertmann
  • The King and the Cartographer by Sylvia Whitman
  • Mysteries in a Map by Albert Garcia
  • How to Peel a Planet by Albert Garcia
  • The Road to Edo by Gloria W. Lannom
  • Early American Maps by A. Gwynn Henderson
  • The Curiously Changing Continent by Albert Garcia
  • A Matter of Perspective by Regina Hansen
  • Digging Deep by Bert Fisher
  • What Is GIS? by Albert Garcia
  • What’s in a Name? by Albert Garcia
  • Getting Nowhere by Sarah Novak
  • There’s Something Funny Going Marina Debattista


Regular features of DIG magazine include Five Facts, Map, Fun with Words, Interestingly, The Calliope Chronicles, Fast Forward, Tales It Is, Ask Away!, This & That, Off the Shelf/ On the Net, In the Headlines, The Adventures of Dr. Dig, and Artifacts.