CRICKET November-December 2019

Celebrate the holidays with a Christmas story from Zambia, a magical Siberian fawn, and a Chinese unicorn.

Cover art by  Kristen Scribner


This edition of CRICKET Magazine delivers a winter wonderland right to you and your children.  Celebrating snow, holidays, and the gift of giving, CRICKET Magazine is chock full of charming poems, superb stories, historical articles, and gorgeous illustrations, and more.


With a Siberian fable, a Japanese myth, a Korean legend, and a story from Zamia, you and your children will travel the world and even back in time with true tales from history. You can celebrate season with a delicious and easy recipe as well as a hands-on craft that helps teach kids about recycling. Learning has never been so fun!


Enjoy features including  

  • Yuliya’s Fawn by Ann C. Averill
  • The Fawn by Meghan Sours
  • The Last Kirin by Miya Hikari
  • Wise Men by Susan Vande Griek
  • Thoko’s Gift by Fiske Serah Nyirongo
  • Chocolate-Covered Orange Slices by Joan Russell
  • Her Hands That Held the Stars by Rebecca Birch
  • The Falling Star by Sara Teasdale
  • The Day the War Stopped for Christmas by Max Reichert
  • Mini Recycled Christmas Tree by Anne Renaud
  • Winkie by Iris Whitney
  • The Magic Seeds by B. C. Bond


Regular features of CRICKET magazine include Letterbox, Cricket Country, Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle, Cricket League, Cricket and Ladybug, and Old Cricket Says.