CRICKET Magazine May-June 2021


Enjoy an adventure with a French gargoyle, build a human tower, immigrate to America, and cure smallpox.

Cover art by Jo Lynn Alcorn


Très bien! This edition of Cricket Magazine drops into the fantastical world of France, with a cover from the banks of the Seine to a beautifully illustrated story about visiting the Norte Dame Cathedral in Paris and learning about the distinct architecture of France.


Through fictional and non-fictional stories, illustrations, cartoons, and more, you’ll learn about the people and history of France, including meeting Marie Antoinette, queen of France. Here you will separate fact from famous fiction about this royal character. Take a quick dip under the seas with some scuba divers and meet a colorful cod. With brief stints in Spain and England for more engaging and beautiful stories, you’ll continue across the globe to hear a Chinese tale as well as the fifth installment of a Russian folktale. 


Enjoy features including:

  • The Dive by Cathryn Free
  • Parrot of the Sea by Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud
  • Building Castles by Sharon Porterfield
  • Scarfing the Gargoyle by Rosemary Laughlin
  • Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile by J. Patrick Lewis
  • Let Them Eat Cake! by Ramona DeFelice Long
  • The Gardener’s Son by Melissa S. Tesher
  • What the Angels Call Me by Steph Kwiatkowski
  • Katerina and the Bright Falcon by Deborah Gee Zigenis

Regular features of CRICKET Magazine include Letterbox, Cricket Country, Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle, Cricket League, Cricket and Ladybug, and Old Cricket Says.